Our logo design is based on our core objective to understand and acheive the outcomes of our clients by delivering tangible project outputs. This promise is best illustrated by the image of a splash coming up after a pebble is dropped in a pool of water. The splash and droplet that rises up after a pebble hits the water is the output. For instance, the successful completion of a remediation project managed by OCI is such a tangible output. The ripples that are created around the splash are the outcomes that our client is ultimately striving to acheive. Some of these outcomes are the big ripples, such as the protection of water, the environment, and the people that may be impacted by the contamination. For the remediation projects in northern communities, the longer term 'ripples' may be positive outcomes related to training and employment of Aboriginal peoples. Outcome Consultants Inc. is constantly striving to understand our clients outcomes so that we can serve them through project management excellence to deliver on their immediate project outputs.

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