Farley Tailings Management Area (TMA)

Description: Outcome was retained by Strilkiwski Contracting Ltd. to provide project management support services related to the installation of an engineered cover at the Tailings Management Area (TMA) at the Former Farley Mine in Lynn Lake, Manitoba. This remediation project involved covering approximately one million square metres of tailings and acid-generating waste rock and to prevent tailings and acidic groundwater from entering the Lynn River and surrounding environment. The scope of work for Outcome included preparing the submittals in accordance with the contract, preparing a project controls system, providing on-site monitoring and project control services during the six month construction project, and preparing progress reports during construction.

  Giant Mine Remediation Project – Project Management Services

Description: Through a Standing Offer Agreement with AANDC awarded in June, 2013, Outcome has been providing project management advisory services for the remediation of the former Giant Mine in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The scope of work for the advisory services has included the preparation of a detailed Project Execution Plan, providing various project planning and schedule control activities, assisting with the development of project management guidelines, and developing and delivering training to project managers from the federal government involved in the project. The project will cost several hundred million dollars and will take close to 15 years to complete.

  Giant Mine Remediation Project – Roaster Complex Decommissioning Advisory Services

Description:Outcome was retained to carry out review and advisory services to support the Giant Mine Remediation Team in the development of the tender specifications and solicitation documents for the abatement and demolition of the Roaster Complex at the Giant Mine, a significant project related to the Site Stabilization Plan.

  Faro Mine Site Remediation Project – Project Management Services

Description: Outcome has been supporting the Faro Project Execution Team with various project execution and procurement advisory services related to the Faro Mine Site Remediation Project. The scope of work involves project management and strategic advice for the overall mine remediation planning, control and execution. The project will cost several hundred million dollars and will take approximately 15 years to complete.

  Domtar Lands

Description: Outcome was retained in 2013 by Windmill Development Group to provide services in remedial planning and estimating in connection with the remediation and redevelopment of the Domtar Lands in Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec. Outcome was retained in 2014 for the preparation of tender solicitation documents for the procurement of the abatement and demolition services at the Domtar Lands. The redevelopment of the Domtar area represents one of the largest urban redevelopment opportunities in either Ottawa or Gatineau and will transform derelict and contaminated land in the area into a world-class sustainable community.

  Mount Nansen Remediation Project

Description: Outcome was retained to assist with the preparation of a detailed Project Charter for the Mount Nansen Remediation Project, including strategic advisory services on project management functions. The Mount Nansen Mine is a former gold and silver mine and is located 60 km west of the Village of Carmacks, Yukon.

  Marwell Tar Pit Remediation Project

Description: Outcome has been retained to provide project management services for the Marwell Tar Pit Remediation Project. The Marwell Tar Pit is located in Whitehorse, Yukon and is considered the largest single-source hydrocarbon contaminated site in the area. Outcomes scope of work included a technical review of project documents, developing a risk management plan and the preparation of a total remediation project cost estimate, the preparation of a project charter, the provision of schedule management support, and general project management advisory services.

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