Unlike any other engineering discipline, contaminated sites remediation is the one most plagued by cost and schedule overruns or poor quality outputs that require extensive rework to satisfy Owner or regulatory requirements. This is due to the lack of focus on clear outcomes in the remediation design and tender preparation as well as the lack of effective control during construction. To respond to this need, Outcome Consultants Inc. has been formed to provide project management services to ensure Owners and Contractors succeed in doing the 'right project' as well as doing the 'project right'. Outcome's expertise in the design and implementation of remediation projects and its Owner-centred focus allows it to find the most efficient path to achieve the strategic imperative of a remediation project, as outlined below:

Outcome quickly arrives at an actionable solution
Can you afford to waste time and money with multiple iterations of investigations and studies or inadequate designs that do not give you an accurate cost and schedule to complete your remediation project? Of course not. With the past experience of Outcome working as an Owner as well as a self-provider in both environmental consulting and contracting, we are best positioned to act as your partner and knowledgeable buyer to lead the investigation, design, tender, and construction activities. Experience allows Outcome to reverse engineer the problem to quickly arrive at an actionable remediation solution. This reverse engineering drives the investigation process so that only the minimum necessary information is gathered to adequately address the quantity risk, regulatory risk, and other uncertainties so that the project can proceed to construction as quickly and cost effectively as possible.
Outcome removes barriers
Do you need a technical or project management edge on your competitors to win that bid? Outcome provides services to consultants or general contractors who do not have the remediation expertise in-house and require such support. This is often required where a design-build, performance-based tender, or quality based RFP selection process is solicited by an Owner and a contractor requires the leadership and remediation expertise of Outcome to help them win the bid and execute the work safely and profitably. Similarly, Outcome shores up a design and construction team that has been formed to carry out a redevelopment project on a brownfield site but that lacks the remediation expertise to address the contamination in the most cost effective method possible.
Outcome gets you Bid-Ready
How confident are you that the remediation tender you are about to release will lead to a project that is completed within your budget and schedule? With the experience in leveraging of all three sides of the coin, Outcome is best positioned to challenge every aspect of a specification and how a bid form has been structured to make sure that all potential risks and constructability issues have been adequately considered and that the client will get the best possible value for money from its service providers. Outcome evaluates various contracting methods and recommends the preferred way to structure the tender to share or transfer risk, or to accept the risk and to properly account for the accompanying contingency and schedule float. Outcome prepares solicitation documents using various procurement approaches depending on the needs of the client, including design-bid-build, design-build, and various performance-based models.
Outcome maintains control of the remediation project
Have you suffered from unplanned changes that have impacted your budget or profit or deliverables that miss the mark? If so, you can rely on Outcome to ensure your remediation outcomes are predictable and consistent with your original plan. Outcome prepares detailed bottom-up estimates and detailed activity level schedules in Primavera P6 and then maintains control by carefully tracking the actual work during construction against this plan. This allows Outcome to assist the client in detecting and negotiating any changes to those plans. Outcome prepares project control processes that are appropriate for the level of financial and schedule risk associated with each particular project.

Do you need a trusted, independent partner that will work tirelessly to make sure your remediation or civil construction project succeeds? If so, we would love to talk to you.

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